New Unenhanced Crops of Drone Clips at Full Speed

In response to a number of requests for full speed versions of the videos I presented, I went back to the original full clips, MAX 0008 and 0009 and re-cropped them, without resizing, on There’s also a different, tighter crop of the landing sequence. These iterations now show Flight 4 and the subsequent landing and movement up the tree in full. I have also included the entire pre-takeoff sequence for 0009, so the time between the end of 0008 and Flight 5 in 0009 is now accurately reflected in the two clips. Also in 0009, the different crop shows the bird reemerging in the canopy, briefly and indistinctly at ~23 seconds. 

I think these less processed clips, especially the closely cropped landing sequence, are considerably more compelling than the more processed versions that were necessary for presentation purposes. I found stepping through the landing sequence frame-by-frame to be particularly revealing, showing IBWO features that seem hard to dispute. In addition, the behavior of the bird while on the tree, which is revealed a lot more clearly here, is significant.

The clips are available for download and closer review via the Aviary’s Dropbox page and are titled “AtSpeed . . . ” and “endofmax0008”.

Full Flight 4 and Landing
Close Crop of Landing
Flight Five