A Closer Look at Eight Dramatically Scaled Hardwoods Found Between May 2013 and January 2014

I thought it might be useful to aggregate some images of the eight dramatically scaled trees found in our search area in recent months. Some of the photos will be familiar, and some have not been posted before. These trees were found between May 2013 and January 2014 in three distinct sectors of our search […]

Trip Report – January 4-11, 2014

I returned to the Project Coyote search area from January 4-11 and was joined by Frank Wiley for all but one day, Steve Pagans (a retired forester, birder, and Project Coyote team member) for two days, and several ornithologists/field biologists between January 7-11. Some of our guests had intriguing auditory encounters, several of which involved […]

Singer Tract Nests – Addendum

I’ve discussed this issue in depth with someone who’s very familiar with Tanner’s notes, the Allen and Kellogg paper, etc., although not with the LSU map. I am now persuaded Tanner concluded that nests III and IV from 1935 were not nests after all and that he assigned the birds involved to Titepaper (Nest III) […]