Bark Scaling and Woodpecker Anatomy

I wrote the article that follows (below the images) in April 2010. It reflects my belief that it is possible to distinguish a certain narrow category of feeding sign as being the work of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers. Since that time, I have spent many days in the field in potential IBWO habitat and also examining feeding […]

About Project Coyote

In 2009, we  learned of a private landowner in East-central Louisiana who claimed to have Ivory-billed Woodpeckers on his property. This individual seemed to be very credible, correctly pointing out several inaccuracies in sketches published in the Louisiana Hunting Guide. Over the next two years, there were a number of  possible sightings and auditory contacts. […]

Camera Trap Photos PDF

The attached PDF includes the text and images from the Camera Trap page on the original Project Coyote site. FWMM_A_Camera_Trap_Photo[1] Update/Correction, November 9, 2018: Thanks to Guy Luneau for alerting me to an error in the attachment that merits a correction, though it does not materially affect the analysis. Guy pointed out: In Frank Wiley’s […]

Preliminary Report/Original Project Coyote Homepage 2010

Preliminary Report: Independent Ivory-billed Woodpecker Search in East-Central Louisiana In late July 2009, team members learned about a number of Ivory-billed Woodpecker reports from East-Central Louisiana and received permission from local landowners to conduct an ongoing search on their property. Team leader Frank Wiley started visiting the area on a regular basis in August 2009. […]