In Memory: Frank Wiley, 1962-2017

My friend and collaborator since 2008. We came from different worlds, brought together and bonded by our passion for the ivorybill and the swamps. I will miss him.dsc_0029dsc_0033dsc00749dsc00781img_0832img_0842imgp0385imgp0801imgp1721

Here’s one more from Phil Vanbergen.


5 thoughts on “In Memory: Frank Wiley, 1962-2017

  1. Oh no, so very sorry to hear that! So sorry for your loss. Carry on your interesting work. Best wishes, Lillian and Don Stokes

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  2. I only knew Frank for about a year, but I feel like I came to know him enough to say the following with confidence.

    Frank was in all respects a remarkable man. When I first met him, I was immediately struck by his powerful character and authenticity. A true outdoorsman, he would often tell me stories of his adventures in the woods and the wild experiences he had. Not only was he an expert hunter and woodsman, he had an impressive knowledge of science, and I always learned a lot through my conversations with him. His genuine character and expertise was matched only by his hospitality; he would never turn me down when I needed a place to stay and always encouraged me feel at home. I’m grateful that Eric and I were able to spend time with him like we did. We will never forget him.

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