Brief Update – Frustration

We recently purchased a new Plotwatcher Pro trail cam and are very hopeful that it will be a major improvement over the old Reconyx. Frank Wiley attempted to visit the search area today to place a trail cam on the large, downed sweet gum limb shown and discussed here. The road leading to the location is impassable; the entire area appears to be flooded, and placing the camera would probably be impossible even if the site could be reached.

I was planning to make a trip at the end of this month, but I need to have minor toe surgery. Even if that weren’t in the offing, it seems unlikely that the trip would be worthwhile. We just have to keep fingers crossed that Frank can get a camera on the limb before woodpeckers start to feed on it. There won’t be any news for the next few months, and I won’t be able to get back into the field until late fall or early winter. I may add a couple of pages in the interim.

One thought on “Brief Update – Frustration

  1. The heat here in south Mississippi has been nearly unbearable, and local streams have only just receded within the past month to allow some measure of mobility in the bottomlands.

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