Trip Report – November 27-30, 2014

Frank Wiley and I have spent the past four days in our search area, beginning on Thanksgiving morning. Before getting into the details, it merits noting that this weekend is the probably the peak of deer season in Louisiana. On Thanksgiving, there were perhaps fifteen or twenty people hunting on the edges of the habitat […]

Recordings from January 2010

When I began blogging on WordPress, I mentioned that I’d be posting sound clips from our old search area that were available on the old Project Coyote site, but I’ve been somewhat undecided about it and wasn’t sure I could track down all the material, a problem I’ve now solved. The most interesting audio was […]

Amplified March 2nd 2013 Clip

A couple have people have written to say they’re having difficulty hearing the calls on the raw clips from March 2, 2013. I’m posting an amplified version of the morning first clip. The clarinet toots and rustling will be quite loud, but the calls are definitely much easier to hear. In addition to the calls […]

Kent-like Calls Recorded March 2, 2013

Note: Based on thousands of hours of reviewing and analyzing field recordings, I now think these sounds are squirrel vocalizations. In my experience, Eastern grey squirrels are the most challenging confusion species, both in the field and on sonograms. Modest attenuation by distance can make them sound quite ivorybill like, and fundamental frequencies can sometimes […]

Trip Report – January 4-11, 2014

I returned to the Project Coyote search area from January 4-11 and was joined by Frank Wiley for all but one day, Steve Pagans (a retired forester, birder, and Project Coyote team member) for two days, and several ornithologists/field biologists between January 7-11. Some of our guests had intriguing auditory encounters, several of which involved […]

Trip Report – November 14-16, 2013

I made a brief visit to our search area from November 14-16. Because I was alone, I mostly avoided the more difficult and remote locations and focused on more accessible areas where possible encounters have taken place. This includes our current camera traps. The weather was a problem – steady moderate rain from 7:00-10:30 am […]