Sighting Accounts Now Available On The National Aviary Website: Notes From The Field

A compendium of sightings in the area that starts with one of Frank’s from 2015 and one of mine from 2016 is now up on the National Aviary site. These are by no means the only sightings over the years; nor are these the only people to have had possible visual and/or auditory encounters in the area. Be sure to read them all.

My own “best” sighting was on October 27, 2021, several days into my first visit to the search area since Covid. It was a brief flyby, in silhouette, during a morning stake out of the tree we call “tree one”, where many of the trail cam images were taken and Don had his sighting. It is a tree I had staked out many times in late 2020 and early 2021, without seeing anything.

My first impression was long-necked, long-tailed duck. But I saw it tuck its wings, woodpecker style. No field marks but more than GISS.

Despite all my years of insisting the ivorybill was present in the area and my own sightings/possibles, especially the one that’s included on the Aviary site; despite all the acoustic encounters and evidence; and despite the trail cam images I had seen through that date, I still had some inner doubts. I no longer do.